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products and solutions

1. Engineering service (inspection of the construction site, measurements, system design and expertize)
2. Intalling, installing instructions or training and component service
3. Technical documentation and visualizations (CAD)

SunThor sets:
1. SunThor: A grid-connected photovoltaic system produces electricity during daylight, which is directly consumed or fed into the grid.
2. SunThor Plus: This system is designed for maximum self-consumption of solar generated electricity. Overproduction is stored in batteries and used at night. The public grid is used only as a back-up.
3. SunThor Summer Cottage: This system provides electricity in places without public grid access. The energy is stored in batteries or directly used during daylight.
4. SunThor Back-up: In case of a grid blackout this system provides an uninterrupted energy supply.
5. SunThor Back-up Plus: Like no. 4 with the option of loading the batteries with solar panels.

Individual products:
1. Solar power plants.
2. Large scale back-up systems.
3. Measurements and analysis